Robots Are Not People

Logo 600 x 600This episode was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had in my life. This was something special.

Matt Scherer, the A.I. Lawyer himself, joins us again to talk about his recent blog posts on “Robotic Personhood.”

Here’s the set-up: A well-regarded law professor, Shawn Bayern, published a law review article arguing that it is possible under current limited liability company (“LLC”) laws to create a legal entity (an LLC) that was completely run and occupied by an Artificial Intelligence system.

Essentially, Bayern’s argument was that you could create an “A.I. Person” under the current laws, in that you could have a legal entity operating without any human involved.

That’s an “out there” concept.

But Matt disagreed with Bayern’s arguments. He did a great job laying out his points in a series of blog posts, linked down below, that “go deep” into the statutory analysis.

So we get into that a little bit.

But the bigger conversation we started having was about the bigger concept of A.I. personhood. How do you even think about that? Why should you care?

Well, you should care.

This may be the biggest legal question our society has ever faced.

If you know me by now, Drone Law Nation, you know that I’ve played it straight with you. This time is no different. I really think that this issue is a big freaking deal. It’s something we have to talk about.

This episode records our attempt to do just that. To talk about things that are hard to even describe.

Listen in.

And think about what’s next.

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