Thanks for visiting this page! We have discontinued the “survey” function, but we’ve left this page here since the older podcasts will reference it.

The survey was discontinued because we wanted no question in your mind about whether our answering your questions would create an attorney-client relationship.

You can reach us at with your specific questions. We look forward  to working with you.

Keep on flying,



2 thoughts on “Survey!

  1. David says:

    I know your podcast is mostly directed to commercial use. But I was wondering if you could go through the Recreational use. I have built a sub 250 gram FPV ship that does not record images. Since this is considered a “Toy” and I never fly it over 200 ft. Are there any restrictions to flying it safely even within 5 miles of an airport? Mind you living in Dallas there is no way to get 5 miles from an airport without going an hour away.


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