The Drone Law Course

The Drone Law Course is LIVE!

Yes, Drone Law Nation, the Drone Law Course is LIVE! Before you check it out, though, let’s put it in perspective.

The drone industry’s biggest problem is a lack of understanding. Misinformation is rampant. People outside the industry can’t see what’s really going on.

Some of that is because drone law is moving so fast. It’s changing all the time. But the things that are changing most? Those are DETAILS.

They are details that matter, of course. But details nonetheless.

Details are confusing. Facts and figures and laws and policies and statutes and statements and speeches and rumor and tweets and posts and my buddy said this that and the other thing . . . and all without a conceptual framework to put it in? That’s bewildering. That’s worse than no information at all.

When I taught high school history, I didn’t drown my students in details. Memorizing a blizzard of facts is not useful, especially when Google exists. Real knowledge, real understanding, comes from conceptual frameworks that help you sort through the facts. Frameworks that help you draw connections between the facts that matter. If you connect them the right way, you can see the whole picture. You can understand the game.

Connecting these dots is the mission of Drone Law Today. It’s our job to explain the concepts that matter in a way that anyone can understand. To filter the signal from the noise.

The Drone Law Course is part of that mission. The Course teaches the concepts that matter for understanding the drone industry. The Course starts at where we are, examines where we’ve been, and looks at what the future might be. And we’ll go to that future, together.

So check out the whole course on YouTube, Right Here!

Once you check out the course, please share it with your friends. Spread the word. Feed the tribe. Let’s make each other better.

(And if you find a mistake? Please tell us! Otherwise we won’t know!)

Thank you all for being awesome!

Keep on flying,