About Steve

Drone Law Nation! Thank you all for listening.

For newcomers, my name is Steve Hogan. I’m a lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida. I’ve been working with commercial drone companies since 2012.

Drone technology is revolutionizing everything in the aviation world. I’m a fan and true believer.

The only constant in this industry is change. Everything is changing. The law, the technology, the commercial potential – it’s all moving blindingly fast.

That’s why we’re here: to share the best information we can with the community.

If you are a drone operator with specific legal questions, fair warning: I cannot answer specific legal questions outside of an attorney-client relationship.

You can learn more about my legal practice at www.dronelawyers.com. Let’s go make the future happen.

[Disclaimer: nothing on this site is legal advice. Don’t make decisions for yourself or your business without contacting counsel of your choice! You can contact me at my “work email” (follow the dronelawyers.com link) if you have specific things you’d like to discuss.]


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