Free Books

Thanks for visiting. We have free things for you because you are awesome.

I retained the rights to my book, The Drone Revolution, so I could send you a free copy. Of course, if you want the “kindle” edition or a paperback, you’ll have to take that up with Amazon.

I’m also privileged to offer you a free copy of State Drone Law: State Laws and Regulations on Unmanned Aircraft Systems. This book, published by my law firm, Ausley McMullen, collects the drone laws and regulations in place all around the country.

You can get both books for free by clicking the link below.


The books will come to you by email. Please check your spam folder if they don’t arrive immediately.

*Note: If you only want the State Drone Law Book, you can get it directly at

When you get the books, you’ll be signed up for our email newsletter. If you’re not interested in that, just “unsubscribe” when you get your book. Thanks for visiting.


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