How to Choose a Leads Generation Company for Business

Leads generation is about making your business more efficient, It’s about outsourcing a large part of the sales process, so you can do what you’re good at marketing and selling, But with so many lead generation companies on the market, how do you decide which one to go with? Here are some top tips.

Things to consider when choosing a leads generation company

When choosing a leads generation company there are a few things you should consider, First, check the company’s references, Make sure you call some of the companies that are listed on their website as references.

You can get a lot of information about a company from its references and previous reviews, Next is the company’s pricing structure, You should see if they have a flat $1,000 fee or a percentage of each lead, such as 50% of the first $200 or 15% of first $500, Also, how frequently do they send you leads? Is it once per week, once a day, every other day, or once per week and then every two weeks?

The last thing you should consider is the bonus plan, If they have one, make sure it’s something you enjoy, I loved getting free stickers or candy after-sales each month when I was working for a company as a customer manager, With all of this information, you can now begin to form your opinion of each company, Which one do you want to go with?

Let’s break down the top four leads generation companies before we answer that question, Retention Coach is probably the biggest company on this list, With more than 1,1 million social media followers and 2,5 million downloads, Retention Coach is seen as a top-notch company by many, Their retainer is $1,985 per month.

They also have webinars and calls you can participate in, so you can learn more about what it’s really like to create customer loyalty programs, They offer a fixed-time bonus and 50% of the first $500, So, you get $150 at the end of the first billing cycle, That’s relatively high compared to the next closest companies, Their retainer price is large for a social media-based business, so it puts them at a big disadvantage for companies who rely on revenue rather than social media.

How you can save time and money by outsourcing lead generation

There’s a lot of ways you can save money and time by outsourcing lead generation because you don’t have to do it yourself, Whether you’re trying to save time or money, outsourcing lead generation is a great way to do it, But how do you know which leads to work with and which ones not to work with?

It’s important to know before you send your first lead, which websites your potential prospects are on, where they live on the web, and what channels they use to find your services, Of course, there are tools like Google Alerts to help you identify the websites of your prospect and others in the space, but those can be similar to the old-fashioned methods of cold-calling a list of phone numbers, there will be some sites that put your email address on public pages — usually information pages — that are search-engine friendly.

You address the prospect with that email address, and they’re taken right to the relevant page, Then there will be some sites that don’t provide an email address on the lead form and make you provide it, like Facebook pages and websites, there will be sign-up pages with pop-up questions, If your prospect doesn’t take the form, they’ll be taken to a page with a form they have to fill, only to be redirected back to the form, which lists out standard details about who you are and what you do, Figure out which pages the prospect really wants to be taken to and attend to, Make sure you’ve chosen the best platforms, as well.

To get the best setup, you should have as little information on your sales process as possible, The more information you can provide, the better, It sounds a little obvious, but you want to make sure your lead notices the information right away, They have to be able to easily find the details at a glance.

How much to outsource your lead generation

If you’re using freelancers to outsource your lead generation, you’ll want to make sure you’re not giving away too much of your business, The best way to determine how much of your business to outsource is to estimate how much time you’ll need to spend working on your business to make the maximum amount of money possible, This can be done by using simple math: if you spend 10 hours a week on the business, you can expect to make at least 10x as much per hour as an outsource company could.

While most digital marketing, lead generation and outsource companies work with qualified and willing leads, the best ones focus more on qualified and willing leads, but time is of the essence, so you’ll have to make quick decisions, This will result in missed opportunities or wasted time by not moving fast enough, Between writing proposals and convincing a reluctant candidate to sign a contract, decisions need to be made quickly before people quit or don’t accept things, “We start with market research about the company.

This helps us learn what they do, who works for them, and why they do it, To find what the best leads are interested in, we ask them simple open-ended questions, such as: ‘what type of tools would you like to learn next?’ or ‘what kind of nudge would you like to generate?’” — From the Field Matters blog Before moving forward with your proposal, allow about 15–20 minutes for questions from leads you’ve already contacted, Each and every one of them has someone onboarding them to help them grow the business or answer sales-related questions.

Not many companies can afford to hire someone to handle hundreds of inquiries, so it’s best to be thorough, when college freshmen started their search for scholarships, I suggested they use an online scholarship database, After asking their mothers for help, they started applying directly to the programs they thought would be a great fit.

The most common mistakes when choosing and working with a leads generation company

When choosing a company to help you generate leads, it’s important to do your research, Make sure to check out the following:

What type of site do they have?

For instance, blogs, websites, landing pages, classifieds, etc,

How much traffic do they usually get?

You want this company to have enough subscribers that you can actually send them traffic, which you’ll need to do before you can run a poll or send them a newsletter,

how much does their retention strategy look like?

Do they keep customers for a long time?

Do there seem to be gaps in the pipeline?

How long do they keep their subscribers before they start sending them information/messages? What metrics do they use to track their leads (subscription rate, leads generated, etc)?

A good lead generation company is crucial to your online marketing strategy, especially if your business has been traditionally behind or without any leads, 28,62% of Leads Segmented Through Search Google receives about 60% of all search referrals in the U,S, (StatCounter).

They’re also the most likely to respond to queries (69,11% respond to 1–2 queries vs, 37,78% respond to 3+ queries), retain users (you might have to talk with Google to get that number), and, in my opinion, are a better source of leads since for most businesses they improve the overall user experience (e,g, gets better traffic, etc,), =) 49,42% of Choosing a Lead Generation Company is Based on Relevant Search Terms For a query to have a high chance of converting to a lead, there are very few better options than search, It’s crucial that the keywords you use for lead gen are comprehensive and relevant.

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