How to Use Linktree for instagram – Step by Step Guide

Linktree is one of many link shortening services available on the internet, But like most link shortening services, it doesn’t have a mobile app, If you’re using apps in your marketing strategy, you might be interested in using Linktree for Instagram to create mobile-friendly links for Instagram, To see how to use Linktree for Instagram and other strategies, see this article.

Instagram is a mobile-first social network

Instagram is a mobile-first social network, which means that most of its users are on mobile, This means that when you’re creating content on Instagram, make sure the image is big enough so that it’s not too small to see on a mobile screen, and make sure you’re uploading at a high enough resolution, When you’re done creating posts on Instagram, review your statistics and then look at your activity on other social media platforms,

Could you post a link to this post on your other social media platforms to pass it along? You can, Here’s an example of a short video and an Instagram post I created in 2020, (You can also see an example of a link from Facebook), Tip: Because Instagram doesn’t have a desktop or web app, you need to add an Instagram picture extension (enable it by clicking on “Settings” > “Extensions & plug-ins,”) to share images on your Instagram story from other apps,

In 2018, Instagram introduced Stories, Because of the way Instagram Stories works, you don’t have to do anything special to incorporate images into Instagram Stories,

Step 1: Add an Instagram picture extension to your Instagram profile,

Step 2: Open a post on a platform with a larger image and then a Story, If you see a thumbnail instead of an image, make sure to tap an image or swipe over it,

Step 3: Tap the Share icon and then tap the Instagram share icon,

Step 4: Navigate to the bottom of the Instagram share sheet and tap Followers,

Step 5: Tap the checkmark beside the person you want to add the image to, Next, tap the Add button in the top right,

Step 6: Tap the name of the person you want to add the image to, and then you’re done!

Why you should use Linktree for Instagram

Linktree for Instagram is one of the best tools I’ve come across for managing Instagram, It allows you to schedule posts, view analytics, and customize your feed, There are paid and free versions, The free version allows you to manage 1 account and schedule up to 15 posts, You can either use this tool to manage your Ahrefs budget or your time, You can download the app from the Google Play store, It’s available for iOS and for Android, After downloading the app, you can either log into your account from your mobile phone or from your computer.

on your iPhone or iPad, you can log in by clicking the account icon in the upper-left corner and then clicking Settings, Click on your name, scroll down to Account Details and click the Add button, Next, you’ll need to fill out the information about your account, This information includes your username, email address, and other details about your account, On your computer, you can log into your Linktree account by clicking the link in the upper-left corner to Get Started, From the Account Details page, click Create Account, You’ll be asked to enter your username and password.

You can then choose between having a list view or a grid view and then selecting the type of schedule you wish to create, How can you tell the difference between a paid and free version of Linktree? A paid version allows you to download the apps and make monetized web, print, and social media advertisements in exchange for paying customers, A free version doesn’t allow you to do this.

To spot the difference between the paid and free versions of Linktree you can see if the icon looks the same, the screenshots don’t look the same, Paid version of Linktree looks like a Shopify store page, while a free version looks like a web page, Next, compare the number of items on the left-hand side with what you would expect to see on your mobile app,

How to use Linktree for Instagram

To use Linktree for Instagram, first, download Linktree from the App Store or Google Play, Next, create an account on Linktree and connect it to your Instagram account, Once you’ve done that, be sure to allow Linktree to post to Instagram, How to Use Linktree for Instagram Follow the steps below to add links to your Instagram stories as links in Linktree, Then, when you post to your story, others who view your links can install them through your Linktree app.

You can create as many links as you need to! Sending link shortening to your audience can be beneficial especially when used in conjunction with other content and tactics in your marketing strategy, To see more examples of different ways to use Linktree or other shortening services, see our article, 10 Ways To Use Shortening Services To Market Your Content.

What to do when you can’t use Linktree for Instagram

No matter how much you love Linktree, sometimes there will be times where you can’t use it, like when you’re using Instagram stories, There’s a tool called Gramblr that you can use to schedule your Instagram posts, as long as you use a desktop, and you can save and reuse your templates, Similar to the stationery you’d save and reuse with your blogs, using Gramblr for your Instagram ads saves you time and keeps your budget low, Gramblr has desktop and picture-in-picture versions, Unsplash is full of photos and videos, Out of the 25,000 photos in this repository, 5 are advertisements.

All of these photos are just a click away, and there are plenty more where that came from, If you use Unsplash regularly, your budget will stay small, and your knowledge will grow, Working with Unsplash takes the time and effort of searching for great photos and videos, but the results are rewarding if used regularly, If you’re looking to change your image as a marketer, getting your stuff on Unsplash is a great way to start your digital marketing career, Skitch is not WordPress, and it doesn’t have a paid version, If you’re a writer and you’re looking for a free copy of WordPress, how about Skitch? If it’s not free, you don’t own it, Skitch is a handy website management tool.

You can see how many people see your content, track stats like bounce rate, top headlines, and more, It can be a great tool for freelancers, marketers, and at-will workers in general, Once you set up and start using Skitch for your content marketing, you’ll have access to a free best practice checklist that is linked above, It contains signs you should include on your landing page, Best practices also break down into actionable steps.


If you’re using Linktree for any of your marketing strategies, you definitely need to consider using it with Instagram as well since it’s such a mobile-first social network,

It’s not always easy to find creative ways to share content on social media because you have to post so often and stay engaged, One type of social media that’s very visual and easy to share on is Instagram,It’s especially relevant for sharing business news and company updates to your personal audience, Linktree lets you quickly and easily create photos, videos, and links with the tap of a button, It’s also searchable so you can quickly jump to specific hashtags you use in your posts, Not to mention.

the app is handy for rapid discovery and previewing new content from your latest stories, Snap a photo of a product or story idea and instantly see the visuals for your audience, Use in conjunction with email marketing to make a free course or a free ebook available to your audience, The essential thing about Linktree’s Instagram integration is that it bound into one of your most important marketing tactics, so you shouldn’t overlook this incredible feature because you’re losing progress, It can create many free visual marketing assets for your Instagram post, It also creates useful content and content ideas for your company or company events.

When using Linktree, you don’t need to worry about your brand image, SEO, budget, or time, You can use the free app for as long as your content is relevant and works for your brand, Because it’s simple to use, and it gives you the power to quickly create compelling Instagram posts, Linktree allows you to create Instagram video assets from your long-form piece of content, You can choose to post them on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, Along the way, you can easily add backlinks and re-purpose your Instagram images into your videos.

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