How to Create a Killer YouTube Channel Name – Step by Step Guide

Ok, so you’ve finally signed up for a free account and now it’s time to build your channel, You want it to stand out and be memorable, but what is the best way to do that? How about a little help from the experts? We’ve got some great tips on how you can create that killer channel name that will get people watching!

Using Keywords is a great way to create memorable channel names

When naming your YouTube channel, you’re going to want to think about keywords so that it will be easy for people to find you on YouTube, As you’re brainstorming keywords, think about the kinds of videos you’re going to make and how you’re going to describe them in the video, Having various channels with similar, related keywords will likely broaden the search to other similar channels, This can turn a routine search of “dentist” into “do online reviews of dentists” just by the addition of one word! Keywords should be the first thing you come up with, Here’s what our audience types look like: Right off the bat; don’t call it a salon, don’t call it a spa, and don’t call it a website or blog, Explain what the channel is about in as few words as possible.

This is the only way to truly differentiate between the types of videos you create, Imagine you’re creating a cooking channel that you post video recipes, When people type the words “recipes,” they usually get results related to food, In addition to videos that will make you want to make food, explain your channel name as well, Your audiences want results, They want to prepare food! It doesn’t matter how you get them to do so, but people do like results, The more you help your audience get results, the more likely they will continue to talk about your brand and create more content for you.

Awaken is a great brand that has generated millions of views, It has a 20+ year history of running lean and capturing top dollar advertisers in a segment with loyal, engaged audiences, They’ve got a cheeky, cheeky name that they picked from a top-three candidate pool, There are at least two reasons why Awaken is a big brand on YouTube, First, their channels attract large audiences who often spend a good amount of time engaging with their videos, Watching videos of people playing games and doing yoga can be an extremely entertaining 18-minute experience for people.

Choosing a name that’s easy to spell and pronounce is important

Your brand name is the first impression you’re making on people, So it’s important to choose a name that’s easy to spell and pronounce, You don’t want someone to search for your website or business and fail to find it because they don’t know how to spell your brand name, Trademark protection is valid in more than 50 countries, but protecting your brand name from confusion with another company’s name is more common, So keep in mind that the name of your channel should be unique enough to define its type.

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, searches on Google happen and people get overwhelmed, So it’s important to shorten your channel name and emphasize its main points, When choosing your brand name, follow these three points to help you stand out: Brand name expert Amy Tamblyn explains how you should craft a brand’s primary objective, core Message, and what narrative arc you’re going to use, The key to a successful story arc is championing a cause or an issue and working to solve it.

A brand’s image and history can be an extension of that cause or issue, so keeping those elements consistent helps them stand out in the minds of viewers, As Tamblyn writes in The Journal of Creative Communications, it’s important to take additional steps to show unique personality and style, When you decide on a brand name, make sure to choose one that’s a combination of words and/or letters that are clear, memorable, easy to say, and flexible.

Try to get the name of your channel easily pronounceable as well: Zoundar is a Filipino slang word that originates from the sea, It means Voice of the sea, It doesn’t necessarily refer to the fish you bite into though, It actually can also refer to the distinct melody of surfers’ voice that makes it sounds like they are too close to the water to talk, Because Filipino and surfers share a common interest, they are often referred to as “Zoundar” each other.

Use creativity and make sure your name shows who you are

Once you come up with your name, be sure to use your name everywhere, A lot of people make the mistake of just using their name as their username on social media and their business name as their username on social media, use your name as your username on all of your social media profiles to make sure that people know who you are, Pro tip: Consider including an S (or an X if you’re an XO or officer) to make sure that your professional name is not confused with other names in your industry, For example: if your company is Soft Surroundings, your username should be soothsean (not soothesean), What should you include on your video description?

Your video description is where you can really sell your channel to potential viewers, You can include the channel name, what creative you are working with, what type of content you produce, what is the length of your video, the big idea behind your channel, your social media links, or anything else that will make your potential watchers remember you and how you can help them, Pro tip: Decide what your video description will look like before you start filming your video.

If you think you might want to share a story about your channel with the audience, make sure you research and write your description as if you are describing a podcast, Do not feel restricted by the format of the video, That’s why we recommend saving your description until a few days before the launch date so you have enough time to prepare, People want to learn about your passion for a topic.

That’s why we have platforms like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, You could start a channel for any hobby, The main thing you need to figure out is what your brand wants to focus on, You should think about your niche — what is your passion — and it should lead you down a path to where you can narrow down content ideas, Try to choose topics that connect with your brand to create a consistent style and aesthetic.

Don’t forget about SEO when choosing your channel name!

When choosing a name for your business or channel, remember to include keywords that are relevant to your industry, It’s important to include the name of the business, but don’t forget to include keywords related to your niche, This will help people find your channel (or business) when they search for keywords related to your industry, Include a mixture of at least 3 to 6 search queries in your content title and your description,

Use all six when creating the content description, as well as the entire content, You get 30% more views and upvotes when you include all search queries, If you know your searching preferences, then you can use your description as a guide to what you should mention when you’re searching for your channel’s name.

Make sure you provide a good description that describes your brand and what makes you unique, Allow viewers to scroll down your channel to find out more about you and specifically what you do, Authorship is a tricky topic, but when it comes to channel names, you should always share who is behind the brand, It adds another layer of credibility to your channel and is the best name anyone will easily remember.

When creating your content, make sure it includes a call to action, such as “click here” or “register today!” This form of call to action will help make your target audience likely to want to visit your landing page, Include a link to your product or webpage near the beginning of the description, This can be desktop-friendly or mobile-friendly depending on your platform.

Many people have limited time and screen real estate to look at on their phone and would rather click something than scroll, Have another form of call to action on your website, such as “register,” “ask a question,” or “sign up,” Your channel name may like be a little longer than your website address, so make sure you include an @ symbol before your last name — @academyct or @adidascompany.


A good YouTube channel will help you build an audience and bring them back to see more of what you have to offer, A great channel name is the first step in this process, so be sure it’s in line with the tips above!

Once you’ve got a few videos up on your YouTube channel, you’ll want to make sure you’re bringing people back to see more great content, Use social media and other online platforms to promote your channel, and create a community around your channel and videos, Here are some of the super-effective ways to get people to stay glued to your channel,

Put a video of you answering questions, reacting to comment, or voicing opinions in front of the camera! If your channel is about something related to fitness or nutrition, you could set up a short fitness series on your channel talking about how to clean up your diet or how to reduce sugar intake or some other favorite topics, While these videos wouldn’t get a whole lot of views if they’re viewed in their entirety, they can still help attract a targeted audience of users to your channel: Video: 10 Smart Ways to Reduce Sugar Put a short video up where you answer your audience’s questions, This could be something general people can relate too like eating a healthier diet, reducing sugar intake, etc,

On a similar note, you can create a glowing review for your gym or other fitness-related facilities on your YouTube channel answering general questions such as:

“How do I get the best workout?”

“How do I try to squeeze the most amount of time in the gym each week?”

“What places are the best to work out? or other similar questions, By doing so, your channel will naturally attract and keep a good amount of focused and incoming users to your website,

This also ties in nicely with number 2 below,

  • Video Contests: These can be sent out via newsletters, automated email or even social-media posted (here’s an example on Seer Linked In),
  • The idea is simple: after someone signs up for your contest, they will be taken to a page where they can see other videos from people who have entered the contest.

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