3 Reasons why you should switch to faster Internet Service Provider (ISP)

The Internet is a vital part of our lives, especially for business owners, If you’re having problems with slow Internet speeds, this short article will discuss four reasons why you should switch to a faster internet service provider.

The importance of a fast internet connection

To build a website that’s fast and easy to navigate, you need to have a fast internet connection, If your internet connection is slow, your viewers will have a tough time loading pages, A good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 5 megabytes per second (Mbps) upload speed and 2 megabytes per second (Mbps) download speed, An acceptable average speed for the general public is between 2Mbps and 4Mbps, This speed does not apply to data-intensive activities such as video streaming, streaming high-definition video, and online gaming.

Video formats such as H,264, and DivX require that your internet service provider has a fast connection speed, Useful expressions used when talking about faster internet speeds, in general, include: A wireless internet service provider usually delivers your Internet service via radio waves, To speed up your browsing experience, make sure that your internet carrier supports 5GHz spectrum, The 5GHz frequency band is higher bandwidth and optimized for wireless devices such as cordless phones, tablets, PCs, routers, smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles, Different 5GHz bands will have different performance characteristics, Check your Internet service provider’s 5GHz coverage map for coverage details, Additionally, determine if your local area has coverage that supports high-bandwidth wireless (also known as LTE) services.

This high-bandwidth wireless technology is only available in certain areas throughout the United States — for example, parts of states like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, You can find out more information on high-bandwidth spectrum coverage from the FCC at this website, If you’re serving a small audience, speed is less of a concern, because viewers won’t experience delays while they are loading your site.

However, if you can serve a variety of users to your site, you can choose from the more high-bandwidth spectrum and download your files faster, The faster your website is loaded, the more users will be able to view it, Therefore, a high-bitrate video format such as H,264 is best for fast page loading, Here’s an article that discusses the pros and cons of different file formats.

You should switch to a faster Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If you’re still using a slow internet connection, it’s time to switch to a faster Internet Service Provider (ISP), The ISPs are the infrastructure that allows us to use the internet, Broadband service is the fastest speed available on the market today.

  • The increased speed of broadband has allowed many businesses to do more online shopping, do online invoicing, and do more on the go, These capabilities have contributed to the booming economy of people who lived in the 1990s and early 2000s
  • We have had faster Internet-connected to more and more devices, Fastest in 1996, then twice as fast in 2015 to connect to 150 million more devices, So it’s a modern phenomenon.
  • Recently, many of us have gotten rid of our dial-up Internet access in favor of faster DSL service, DSL service uses a standard telephone line to connect to the Internet and has very low data usage limits.
  • In 2013 individual ISPs became so congested that the FCC had to impose Data Capability & Quality Standards for Broadband, which limited the bandwidth of DSL service based on the volume of data consumers consumed, So you can stream HD video and download entire movies on DSL, but not the broadband, Essentially the same technology that the old analog phone lines delivered over, The problem was that while dial-up had a rigid data cap, DSL customers didn’t, So as Internet usage continued to explode, the capacity of DSL lines could not keep up.
  • The FCC became concerned that congestion would worsen in fragile “fiber” optic cable, which carries telephone and cable TV service, By 2014 the FCC opened another inquiry into the fiber optic cable market and this time charged ISPs for “retail overage charges.
How to switch Internet Service Providers and keep your current phone number

If you’re thinking of switching Internet Service Providers, make sure to call up your current Internet Service Provider and get your phone number switched over as well, If you don’t, you risk losing your phone number and having to pay to get a new one, Call your current internet service provider, or make a trip to their office or call center, depending on where you live.

You can always ask for a return call and ask to be put on a special plan, According to internet-service-provider.com, consumers in the United States spend less than 1,5 seconds scanning for compatible web browsers as they navigate the Internet, That’s less than the length of time it takes them to type “I am willing to learn” on Seinfeld’s quiz, and two and a half seconds longer than it takes to look up boat registration online, On top of that, the time it takes to reach the closest “homework help” (i,e,, the Internethelp.org website) is over 30 seconds, according to the Digital Growth Lab at Columbia University.

In addition, research says that if someone is taught content that is helpful online, they will have a better experience and be more likely to recommend the information to a friend, and thus spread the word about it, If someone is shown incorrect, confusing information, they may be even more heavily discouraged from sharing that information, which stifles innovation and threatens the welfare of the entire world,

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to give your users a pleasurable and fast online experience, Here are five things you can do to speed up your website navigation and encourage them to use your website as their go-to place to learn more about your company or industry, Research shows that people are more likely to read a subtopics-styled headline and learn more about your offer with a visual part of your webpage, compared to a text-based headline.


When it comes to your business, speed is everything, and no amount of money can replace it, Your ISP will determine how much bandwidth you have and how fast you receive information from other sites on the web, If your internet is slow, then experts recommend changing providers, or at least switching to a different plan with the same provider,

Many small business owners cannot afford to pay for the high-speed internet service that high-speed plans also provide, which is why they choose to use the “mobile internet” option offered by their phone companies, People call this service “Wi-Fi” because it originated in the 1990s, but the modern term wireless broadband is what’s being used, While wireless plans have gotten quick results in areas dominated by it, it’s not the same as high-speed wired broadband.

It’s helped build the new economy by providing online courses, shopping, banking, and many other essential functions that were once impossible using the old-fashioned telephone network, Most business owners are happy because it delivers reliable data, segmented by the apps and websites you use, and reliable video streaming that stays up even during middle-of-the-night outages, It’s not ideal for all businesses.

Many small business owners must pay internet service providers more for the same speed and quality than the business owner would pay for the same service on a wired broadband provider, High-speed internet plans assist those living in low-income areas or slim profit margins, It also helps provide faster access in rural areas, While mobile costs money, it is the better option for many consumers around the world.

Statista states that 200,5 million global mobile subscribers have been added since the first global population census was conducted in 2010, yet only 32% of those mobile users had access to fixed broadband connections from their home countries’ national ISPs, If you’re in the 40–60 age bracket and you need a reliable broadband connection to run your business, you may be thinking of moving to a new broadband provider.

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