How to improve internet wireless speed 100 Time Faster

If you’re living in a major city, chances are the free wifi at your apartment or office is pretty slow, Luckily there are many ways to increase your wifi’s speed, These tips, from a self-proclaimed tech expert, will surely help improve your connection speed.

How to improve wireless internet speed

If your internet speed is slow, there are ways you can speed it up, The first step is to figure out what’s slowing it down, It could be your internet service provider, or it could be something else, In order to figure out if your ISP is the problem, you can run a speed test using an app like If you experience slower than average download speeds, it might be a good idea to look at the connection settings your internet service provider has on offer in your city.

Transparency mode and data compression are commonly set up for download speeds, If your internet connection is significantly hogging faster speeds, it’s probably a good idea to alter those settings, and will show you the results, If your speeds are still slow, it could mean one of your internet service providers is to blame, You can look up your internet provider’s privacy policy to find out how it collects and uses data, but above all, make sure that the speed you’re getting matches your expectations.

If you are going to be optimizing your wifi signal outside your apartment or apartment building, you may as well place your router in the open and see how it performs, A basic router from a well-known brand can easily provide download speeds in excess of 100Mbps, Plus, most people rarely even spend more than 30 minutes a day zoom or stream on their wifi routers, so optimization isn’t really needed! If you’re still stuck on the idea that a 500Mbps connection is optimal, there are different methods you can use to make your own setup.

Setting up your own router can be intimidating, so perhaps today you’ll follow a guide to make your own wifi more livable, For a touch screen router, there are some options out there, Looking through a catalog of different Wi-Fi networks will help you get an idea of how your current network setup stacks up against others.

Using a wired connection is more stable and faster than Wi-Fi

While a wired connection can be a little more hassle for mobile devices, it’s much more stable and faster than a wireless network, Wired connections use a physical connection, so they’re not subject to interference from other devices like wireless signals are, Wired connections are also usually faster than wireless ones, When looking for a new wireless connection, think about how much wifi you’d need, who you’d want to use it with, and whether it’s available in your area, While there are still some situations to consider, here are the five tips we can use to boost our internet connection speeds.

Having more than one wifi network can affect clients’ surfing speed, The more channels you add on, the more clients that connect to you, The big issue is that clients will keep disconnecting while waiting for the last channel to be set, To avoid this, create one or two single points of contact, This way, you’ll only be connected to clients you specifically approve, If preserving your internet connection speed is more important to you than using some extra channels, then consider a 2,4 and 5GHz wifi system, These were the Wi-Fi standards used in the past before wi-fi 6 was widely adopted, WiFi 5 offers faster speeds and more channels, with one disadvantage: it’s harder to set up.

It’s a much better option if speed matters more, but for everyday use, a 2,4GHz setup will get the job done, If you’re planning to hook up a client’s laptop to your wifi, make sure the laptop is charged and connected to the charging cable before you plug it in, Don’t leave it plugged for the entirety of the setup or it’ll drain the laptop’s battery faster, Clients and laptops are different sizes and can handle throughput limitations differently, so if your connection isn’t as fast as you thought, check your laptop’s specifications, It’s not as important to have a router with a perfectly-tuned setup, as long as it has at least two bands (or channels) and strong signal.

Use a router with multiple antennas to reduce or eliminate dead spots in your home

Connecting all your devices to a router is pretty simple, All you have to do is plug the router into a power outlet, then connect your devices to your router using ethernet cables, If you’re using an ethernet cable with a USB adapter, make sure you’re connecting the cable to the correct port on your router, Otherwise, your connection might get messed up, Have to troubleshoot a number of wifi connections if your devices aren’t compatible with your router, How to tell if your router is compatible Plug your router into an outlet with outlets on both sides.

On the backside of the outlet, unplug the physical ethernet cable, You should see a LED light on the router showing “REQUEST,” You don’t need to control or change anything on your internet connection, but the light will go out if the router isn’t working, If you see this light but it still hasn’t connected your devices, it’s probably incompatible, Make sure your devices are correctly connected, If you’re using a laptop, forget about pairing your computer with the wireless router.

You can pair your desktop to the wireless router by connecting it to the ethernet port that the laptop is using, If you’re connected using mobile broadband, your device should automatically detect a wireless connection, If not, try to connect to another plugged-in outlet to see if your router can find the Ethernet connection, If it can’t, your devices won’t be able to connect Confirm you have the correct drivers installed.

With your device powered off, hold down the volume up (power and volume buttons) until you see the words “Your device is ready to use Windows/Mac OS X wifi,” If you still see “Your device is not ready to use Windows/Mac OS X wifi,” try updating your drivers, Change your wifi password, If the previous password for your wireless router was too easy to guess, make a new one, You can find the wireless password hidden on your router’s interface.

Use Ethernet cables to connect devices directly to your modem for the best speeds

It’s important to use Ethernet cables to connect your devices to your modem instead of Wi-Fi because they provide much faster speeds, If you’re paying for a high-speed internet plan, you want to get the most out of it and ethernet cables are the best way to do that, There are many types of ethernet cables and the one I recommend using is the RJ-45 model, This cable connects your devices through a telephone wire, which is much faster than Wi-Fi, Remember to buy RJ-45 ethernet cables only from a reputable seller.

To speed up your internet connection, even more, you can opt for a surge protector, Swapping one on your modem or wireless router for a surge protector can help improve connectivity, If your router is extremely old, you can meet its speed requirements by purchasing an RF2400 router with a speed of 26 Mbps or greater, When I first got my new router, I had no idea how fast it would perform; it would max out at around 150 Mbps, If your router maxes out at 1 Gb, there’s no way it can keep up with our modern devices that are now getting 3 to 5 times faster.

Having a surge protector installed automatically enables your new wireless router to reach its full speed according to the speed of your cable and the speed of the walls, floors, and ceilings where your devices are placed, While the speed of your ethernet cable affects its speed, it’s not the only factor, The user interface of your device also plays a huge role in providing you with a fast internet experience, If your devices use Google Chrome, instead of having a lousy internet experience, you can minimize the impact on a device which uses this browser by using these tips, The most common speed tests users’ face on their computers that measure the speeds they receive is by using This tool was designed by engineers to test the internet speed of different devices from different providers.

Avoid interference from other electronics by placing your router in the right location

If you want to avoid interference from other electronics like microwaves, cordless phones, and baby monitors, place your router as high as possible, Any devices that use 2,4GHz (like cordless phones, microwaves, and baby monitors) will cause interference with your router and your Wi-Fi signal, When configuring your network settings, it’s always good to go over the ultimate goal — improving your connection speed, A fast internet connection is a significant factor in increasing your productivity and creativity.

There are two ways to choose any router: According to our research, the following routers are the best ones that can improve your connection speed significantly: Router Value Speed for Editors $80 – 100Mbps Linksys Velop 910/2600 (Best value on the market!) 100Mbps and up ~$98 D-Link DIR-865L (Best value on the market!) 100Mbps and up ~$114 Netgear Nighthawk X10 DualBand AC1200 (50Mbps and up to $83,99) We have reviewed plenty of routers, Since many feature game streaming, viewers see their internet usage graphically, taking a bigger hit when they watch gaming sessions.

Some routers do not make you pay for additional bandwidth, either, However, if your priority is speed, it’s better to choose the one that helps you reach your whole internet quota, The router’s performance is measured in Mbps (Mega-hertz), That number tells you how fast data can be transferred, Increasing your router’s speed can give you an extra boost when streaming video or downloading huge files, The impact of speed has a noticeable effect on your ability to work, Plus, it allows you to download files of higher quality, avoid buffering on videos and downloads, and handle gaming much better as well.

Not only can your router increase the speed of your internet connection, but it’s also great for gaming, With its nine gigabit Ethernet ports, Gigabit Ethernet routers are perfect for high-end gaming setups, You’ll receive more bandwidth streaming or playing online, I always recommend spending some time setting up your router’s settings for the absolute best experience.

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