3 Easy Ways to Reset Your Linksys Router Password

If you’ve forgotten the login details to your Linksys router, there are three methods you can use to reset the password and regain access. While all routers are different, these methods will work for most Linksys models including the E4200 and BEFW11S4.

Resetting your Linksys Wifi password by using the Cisco Connect software

If you have a Linksys router, you can reset your router’s password by using the Cisco Connect software. This is a great feature because it will save you from having to reset your router and reconfigure it with all of your settings. Fixing a Linksys router’s password is easy. (If you have a Linksys router and are having trouble, then you might have forgotten your username and/or the admin/_user password.)

Removing removable media To reset your router’s password, remove the removable media. A lot of routers come with a CD that can be used to reset a password. You could also buy a USB drive with the reset disk.

  • Remove the CD and USB from your computer or device and connect them to your router’s USB port.
  • Open the Cisco Connect software on your computer and click the Reset button.
  • Depending on the model of your router you’ll be given different options on the reset page. You’ll need to uncheck the box next to the Reset your device’s firmware to the [ATI>ETC] option, and then choose either User Password or Reset Disk.
  • If you need to reset the default Wi-Fi password instead, be sure the box for Static WEP is NOT checked.
  • Reset disk or reset router Press Reset Disk when prompted.
  • Connect the USB device to the device’s USB port and open the Cisco Connect software on your computer and press the Reset button.
  • You’ll be prompted with another screen asking you to download a firmware update to reset the device.
  • Choose the option to Unplug Wireless and Electrical WEP.
  • If you need to reset the default Wi-Fi password instead, be sure to use the option to Reset EAP to WPA2 and then proceed with the Reset disk instructions.
  • Depending on your model of router, you may only need to use one method. A quick way to reset your router’s password is to use the reset disk to update the firmware.
Resetting your Linksys Wifi password using the address
  • To reset your Linksys wifi password, use your web browser to navigate to the following address:
  • If you are using Firefox, you will be asked to enter a username and password.
  • Enter admin for both fields.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, you will be asked to confirm that you want to open the page.
  • Once you are logged in and typing the password into your web browser, your router will erase all data and settings for that username/password combination.
  • You will no longer be able to log into any websites or use any accounts on wifi! Ironically, you will still be able to access your router from the internet, but anything you tried to do is lost.
  • Use the Reset WiFi Utility on PC This method is found inside the Windows Security utility and will reset your wifi password for absolutely free.
  • All you need to do is open the utility and click on the Reset button.
  • Once your password is reset, you can login back into your router with your admin username and password.
  • It will only erase the last 8 characters of your password. However, if you need to recover those 8 characters, you can try using the 8-Character Remover application.
  • It is a portable software that is available for PC. Select this option from the main download page.
  • Once you first chose to install, follow the steps on the screen. Once the 8-Character Remover is fully installed, unzip the archive and run it from the extracted folder.
  • After the 8-Character Remover has been completed, you will be asked to restart your PC or close the windows. Once your PC is back online and operating normally, re-open the 8-Character Remover application.
  • Follow the directions in the readme file. Your 8-character password should be in a.txt format now. If you’re having trouble remembering your password because it gets hard to type, then try using a pen name.
  • This will be the password that you will need to log onto the router after the reset is complete.
Resetting your Linksys Wifi password by inserting a paper clip into the reset pinhole on your router

If you can’t remember your Linksys Wifi password, you can reset your Linksys Wifi password by inserting a paper clip into the reset pinhole on your Linksys Wifi router. You’ll need to do a hard reset of your Linksys Wifi router to reset your Linksys Wifi password. Even if you don’t know the Wifi password, you might be able to log in by asking your router a few simple questions.

How to Reset your Linksys Router’s Wifi Password Follow the steps below first.

  • Then plug in your computer into the Ethernet port on your Linksys router. The router should automatically detect and allow your computer to connect.
  • To reset your Linksys router’s Wi-Fi password:

1. Press and hold the reset button on the back of your Linksys router for 10 seconds.

2. Release the reset button. Connect your computer to the Ethernet port on the back of the router. Your router should automatically detect and allow your computer to connect.

3. Go to the Wi-Fi settings menu. Find the included.txt file and press the Delete button. This will delete the Wi-Fi password entry on your router.

4. Access the Wi-Fi you used to connect to your router’s LAN by entering its IP address in a web browser. Turkish and French names are supported too.

The methods above will reset your router’s Wi-Fi password.

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