Block Adult Websites On Your Router A Guide for Parents

The Internet can be a great resource for parents with children at home, giving them the ability to monitor what their children are doing online and helping them stay safe, However, there are darker parts of the net that parents wouldn’t necessarily want their kids to stumble across — adult sites that often contain explicit content, For tips on how to block adult sites on your router and keep your children safe online, see this article.

How to block adult content on a router

There are two ways to block adult content on a router, First, make sure that you can block access to adult content on your router, If your router is an off-the-shelf model, there’s a good chance it already has a feature built-in that allows you to block access, For example, Amazon’s web router services support parental controls, which allow you to block access to adult content from your network, Alternatively, you can purchase a parental control device, such as the Liberty Edition FCC ID software from the internet.

If you don’t find a parental control feature on your router, you can buy an all-in-one device that blocks adult content, Some all-in-ones are equipped with parental controls, while others use parental pages, The control software blocks adult content across multiple websites, giving you a customized list of websites that your child can visit, Most all-in-ones can also be configured to block entire categories of adult content, For example, you can add adult websites such as Pornhub and 8BitDo to the blocked list on your router.

To set up parental control on your router: There are a handful of reasons why a third-party app would be a better option than your router’s built-in parental controls, An app may have a more consistent interface, allow you to set varying hours of access, or offer other customization features, For specific information on adult content filters on all major apps, consult the app’s documentation, While most all-in-ones and other devices can be connected to the internet, it’s important to keep a few things in mind: Once you’ve created your custom network rules, you can save them by opening the page associated with your network (usually your router’s IP address), like this: On mobile devices, you should see only one page, However, depending on the app, you may have multiple pages for accessing certain sites.

How to block adult content on a computer using parental control software

One of the best ways to keep your kids safe online is to block adult content, Parental control software is a program that will help you block adult content on your computer, There are a lot of great options for parental control software, and we’ve listed some of the best below, It’s also important to remember that parental control software typically only helps protect your kids from sexual activity online, not violent or harmful content, It’s up to you to decide what kinds of content your children can and cannot see on the Internet.

Some sites and services will not work as expected if you block their access entirely, LogMeIn is the best parental control software on the market, It has several features, including the ability to block web pages based on certain IP addresses and to have specific URL blocks for specific web browsers, LogMeIn also has parental controls for accounts and online purchases, Pros: Many of LogMeIn’s features are geared toward parents who want more control over what their kids are viewing on the Internet, And while it does have adult content filters, its filtering algorithms are much better than what typically joins under the adult banner, Plus, if your kids are already using it, LogMeIn is easy to give them new parental controls, Cons: Unlike some other parental control tools, LogMeIn isn’t specifically designed for routers, and some kids may not see the filtering options that are on offer.

Furthermore, unchecked filters may harm your router, which means you’ll need to do additional work to remove them, CyberSitter is the only software on this list that is specifically designed for router use, It isn’t available as an app, so if household devices are a must-have for you or you want a GPS-based solution, CyberSitter is the software for you, CyberSitter lets you set specific block lists for specific groups of websites or even block specific apps on your router, One of the most powerful features is the ability to easily remove all sometimes-unnecessary restrictions on a restricted website.

How to block adult content on a computer using the operating system

If you have a child who is old enough to be using a computer, you’ll want to block any adult content, It’s actually pretty easy to block adult content on your computer using the operating system,

1) Click on the start button and then click on the settings button, This opens a dropdown menu that looks like this,

2) On the left side of the window, click on Change User Settings, followed by the Internet,

3) Click on Content Settings under “What web pages can do the most to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content,”

4) Under “Content Types,” select “Don’t Allow,”

5) Click Unblock and reenter in the URL of the adult site you want to block, This is a little more tedious if your device and browser are on the same network, but it’s fairly easy to set up filtering for any site on a separate Wi-Fi network, Please note, however, that neither of the browser options mentioned above will block adult content on mobile devices, such as phones, tablets, or gaming consoles.

Unfortunately, Yahoo! and other adult sites may still be reachable if your Wi-Fi connection is weak, To combat this issue, you can also place parental controls on your router to ensure the site can’t reach your device at all, To place parental controls on your router, follow these steps: For routers with a mobile app, go to the router’s app page,

  • select the connection that you want to restrict access to, and click the link for Add a Parental Control,
  • On the resulting page, you’ll need your router’s admin password to proceed, On the administrator page, enter your router’s admin password and click Save,
  • Using the controls on your computer will require you to know your router’s administrative password to allow certain types of content, Certain routers use a unique password for each user (some routers allow you to click on the user name in the URL and view a user’s password on their profile),
How to block adult content on a computer using browser add-ons and extensions

Every browser has an option to block adult content, In Chrome, you can download an extension called Cleanfeed which automatically blocks any adult content on the internet that you might stumble upon, In Firefox, you can set up content filters to block any adult content you don’t want to see, Here is how to set up a content filter in Chrome and Firefox.

When looking for adult websites to block in Chrome, it’s helpful to go to the settings and select Customize and Personalize > Website Settings, It’s a dropdown menu with the following options: Content filters are similar to adult websites; however, there is a big difference, Instead of including content that’s legal in every country in which it’s available or only allowing the content within your own country, a content filter limits content to a specific country or region.

For example, Protectmychild borders itself off the county where the website you’re looking at is hosted, so it likely won’t show up in your country, The filters are not perfect and show some adult content, but hopefully, this gives you an idea of what to filter out, For

  • Firefox: To set up the filter, click Tools > Extensions, It’s a dropdown menu with several tabs listed, including Clear History, Family, Private, Security, Add-ons, and Webmaster Tools, From here, click on Manage Extensions for Firefox, At the extension manager page, find the Cleanfeed extension, and then click on More extensions, Empty the empty text field and select Cleanfeed from the list of available filters,
  • Next, click on Advanced, From the advanced settings page, choose Filter settings, and then click on the plus sign next to Content, which will add that extension and its settings to the list, Finally, click on Save, A confirmation prompt should appear and let you know that the addition has been saved, If you see Adult content when you enter the Filters section of your Firefox extension, make sure to follow these instructions to set a content filter in Firefox.

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