Easiest Way to Install Minecraft Modpacks A Beginner’s Guide

This article will teach you the easiest way to install a Minecraft modpack, Modpacks are collections of mods that work well with each other, which means it is much easier to install and you don’t have to worry about incompatibility between mods, The following steps will guide you through installing a modpack and making sure everything works smoothly, Before installing a modpack, make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.

Install Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge is the most important modding tool for Minecraft, It allows you to easily install mods with a click of the mouse It’s an essential tool for any Minecraft modder, Before starting with any modding task, you should know what MoCraft is.

Doom modpack is based on MoCraft, and any modpack that uses MoCraft or its derivatives as a base must also first be using Doom, Otherwise, the mods won’t work and won’t look as good, This is the second most important thing to know about MoCraft: it’s only a single universe The first universe is called “Ender” (“ender” is an acronym for “Ex nihilo”, which means “out of nothing”), All mods that add in dimension are stored in the “Ender” universe, while the older mods are kept in the “Main” universe.

This means that if you want to mod the “Ender” dimension in Minecraft, then you should use the corresponding modpack for the “Main” dimension, For instance, if you want to mod the “Ender” dimension in Forge (which is based on MoCraft), then you should use Forge MoCraft, If you don’t know how to install a modpack, you can read this tutorial, which contains step-by-step guides on how to install a bunch of different mods.

Selecting a specific modpack will be listed later on, (Note that the “Download” button is not working) Before installing a mod, it is of the utmost essential that you know if it is compatible with the specific modpack and if the resulting mod is stable, If you’re unsure of what a mod does or even don’t know if it is a mod, then the worst thing that could happen is that your new mod won’t work, Perfectly googling the modpack’s page on GitHub could lead you to make an installation mistake, MoCraft has a few dozen mods, There are a lot of mods and they have varying amounts of setups.

Download your modpack and extract the file

Now that you have found a modpack that you want to install, you need to get the files, Many modpack developers will have a download link of just the modpack files, but if you can’t find that, you can download the entire Minecraft client and extract the modpack files from there

Once you’ve downloaded the client, extract the modpack through a file manager, such as 7-Zip, Nurkify, or AioDocuments

Then, just copy the modpack’s,jar file into your mods folder

In order to start the Minecraft launcher, you have to first enable modding in Minecraft

This means that there will be a new mod in your mods folder called minecraft_server,jar

To start the modding tool in Minecraft on macOS, go to Settings > [your name] > Content & Updates Select the Default Website, and a new window will appear

On Windows, Right-click the Minecraft application, go to properties, and select the Compatibility tab

In the window that appears, enable the Haven edition

Once you enable mods, you can launch Minecraft, On Linux, you can go to your Applications folder and open up the Minecraft Launcher

You can enable mods by available options

After enabled mods, get on the same machine where you want to start minecraft and type in +connect server,

and you will have access to the shell prompt

The first step in installing a modpack is downloading the modpack, The second step is to find the downloaded,zip file and extracting it, Try to get the,jar, not the,tar,gz file, HTML and compressed formats will both work fine

There is a small chance that some of the,tar,gz encrypted files will be corrupted and you will have to get a new copy of the zip file

Run Minecraft once, then close it and go to “%appdata%” and navigate to the ,minecraft folder

In the ,minecraft folder, you’ll see a folder called “saves”,

In there, you’ll find a folder with your username on it, Look inside that folder and you’ll see a folder called “1,8″, open it,

Inside that folder, you’ll see a folder called “world”,Inside that folder, you’ll see a folder with a one-line command in it,

The command is “mvnw clean SantaClaraHardcore,jar,” After running that command, in the Minecraft launcher, press “+” to expand the world.

Open the mods folder and place your downloaded mod inside of that folder (if there is no mods folder, create one)

Go to %appdata% and find the folder named “minecraft”,

Inside this folder, you should find another folder named “mods”, If there isn’t a mods folder, create one,

Download mods by clicking the link on the mod page,

Open the ,rar or ,zip file and drag the folder from inside the archive into the mods folder,An easy way to do this is by right-clicking the,rar or,zip file and selecting “Copy All As[Download Folder]”,

Now that mods are inside the mods folder, the mod pack installation process begins, Perhaps the greatest benefit of using a modpack is that there are always new mods ready for you to try, Every single weekend some modpack creators post new modpacks on their streams, Some of the most popular modpacks on the internet are Monotonic, Terraria Modpack v2, Minecraft Eats Reborn, and Big Reactors.

However, it is also possible that your favorite modpack doesn’t exist anymore, Because most of the time creators post popular modpacks on their stream, they get bombarded with requests to use their pack, Just keep searching and you will eventually find the perfect modpack.

I personally always recommend starting with the beautiful Voxel Expansion pack, which is 100% vanilla and contains only two mods, Anyone who finishes Voxel Expansion and still doesn’t feel bored should feel encouraged, Before you even install any other mods, you should also make sure to delete all previous versions of any unused mods you may have, Now that you have a modpack downloaded and installed, it is time to get started.

After adding the,jar file to your mods folder as mentioned previously, you can start to play it, The first step to playing a modpack is to download the minecraft server and join it, This will make sure the client and server have the same version of the mods, You can also join more than one minecraft server on the same IP if you don’t mind, Once you have a version of the server installed, it’s time to configure your preferred Minecraft server and see if there are enough modpacks for you to try.

Run Minecraft again and enjoy your new modpack!

Once you have Minecraft installed, run it again and you should see a launcher for your modpack, Click the play button and you’re off! You should now be playing the game with all your favorite mods installed and ready to go, This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to play Minecraft modpack with a Roku or Chromecast device, However, you can also broadcast it on Twitch, YouTube, Twitch TV, and others, If you won’t be able to do it on your TV, you can also play the game with the mobile app (Android and iOS versions available).

Now that you’ve got everything configured, we can start playing, The best way to start a broadcast is to first make sure you have an internet connection, Make sure to reboot your device before doing anything else, Now, with the internet connection, you can start a broadcast and invite everybody to join, An internet connection is necessary to start a Minecraft broadcast, Given that Roku and Chromecast devices only have a limited amount of resources, you need to limit how many streams you’re broadcasting at the same time, This will stop other people from joining you and invade your channel.

If you want to allow more viewers, you need to give each of them a unique IP address, The problem with this approach is the complexity and cost of gathering IP addresses, Some might have a hard time getting IP addresses for a number of reasons (device not being able to communicate with the server, device preventing the connection, etc,), If you’re not confident in getting an IP address manually, you can always use a tool to feed it your IP address, The more viewers you have, the harder it will be for other people to stream on your channel.


The more viewers you have, the greater chance of dinner queues, chat messages, and other bannable offenses such as elitism, To figure out what limit to put in place, approach the following situation.

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