New Things

cropped-logo-2048px.jpgNew things are happening.

The first new thing is the publication of State Drone Law (Second Edition). If you’re on the mailing list, you already got a free copy. (If you’re not, sign up at and get yours). Hard copies are up on Amazon. Leave us a review there – those five-star ratings really matter.

The second new thing is that we finally have a federal preemption ruling on local drone laws. Check out the order in Singer v. City of Newton, below.

The third new thing is what comes next for this podcast. You might already have a sense of where we’re going next if you’ve been paying close attention. Tune in for a preview of what 2018 may bring.

Links for You:

State Drone Law on Amazon

Order from Singer v. City of Newton

NeuraLink Article (from Wait but Why)


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Nothing in this podcast is legal advice! Please don’t make legal decisions for yourself or your business before consulting counsel of your choice.

Keep on Flying,



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