Fighting to Win

Logo 600 x 600Drone Law Nation, today’s episode is about fighting to win. Our guest today is David Daniel, the Executive Director of the UAS Association of Florida.

The mission of the UAS Association of Florida is to encourage the growth of the drone industry in Florida by fighting to prevent unnecessary and over-burdensome regulations.

And you know how they do that? Through professional lobbying.

We’ve talked before about the importance of professional lobbying to the drone industry. It is especially critical at the state level, as states are doing all sorts of things that may hinder the growth potential for drones.

The question before us is whether we want to be pitchers who control the game, or hitters who only react?

Professional lobbying means controlling the game. Pushing the agenda and changing the world by telling our own story.

If our story isn’t told by us, then who will tell it? If the grassroots base of the drone industry does not speak up, then the people controlling the narrative are those that know the least about it.

It’s time to speak up. It’s time to be heard. It’s time to join up and fight like mad for the things we believe in.

You want a drone industry that works?

Then saddle up.

Let’s do this thing.


Links for you:

UAS Association of Florida

Seth Godin: Pitchers and Hitters

Lobby or Die

Telling Better Stories


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