President Trump, Drones, and Your Questions

Logo 600 x 600What will federal drone policy look like under the Trump administration? What policy choices might carry over from the Obama administration’s approach? What might change?

How does the commercial drone industry fit into the president-elect’s ideas about promoting U.S. industry and job creation?

What effect could a policy shift on “1099 contractors” have for the commercial drone industry? What is it about the current federal approach to “independent contractors” that creates potential problems for small businesses?

Will Presidential “TFRs” (Temporary Flight Restrictions) be a problem for drone operators near Trump-owned properties?

All this and your questions, in today’s episode.

Listen in for the good stuff.

Links for you:

Lisa Ellman Interview

Chris Proudlove Interview

Jonathan Rupprecht Interview

Global Aerospace White Paper: UAS Industry Growth

FAA Presidential TFR Regulation

FAA TFR Guidance

IRS 1099 Contractor Guidance


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