The Cutting Edge of Drones and Privacy, with Professor Margot Kaminski

Logo 600 x 600Drones have changed the privacy conversation, probably forever. People react to drones differently than they do to any other type of technology. There is something about a drone existing in space, acting on the environment and outside of human reach, that changes the way people think about who is watching whom, and for what purpose.

This is a true thing. Drones are serving as a catalyst to the privacy discussion in ways that no laptop computer or smartphone could ever dream of.

Fortunately for those of us that care about “drone law,” cutting-edge legal academics are grappling with the hard questions of drones and privacy. Our guest today is one of the top voices in this field, Professor Margot Kaminski.

Professor Kaminski is on top of the thorniest privacy issues raised by drones specifically and robots generally. She has written one of the best papers out there on the interplay of state and federal drone law in this context, and is actively working with federal agencies to shape national policy.

Join us as we talk about drones, privacy, and the future to which this all might lead.

Links for you:

Professor Kaminski’s Bio Page

Drone Federalism Paper

Regulating Real World Surveillance Paper


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