Part 107 Waivers & More, with Jonathan Rupprecht!

Logo 600 x 600Now that Part 107 is in place, the commercial drone industry has a clear path to fly. No longer do we need to wait for months on end for a Section 333 Exemption to come through. You can take your sUAS, launch your business, and watch it soar.

A question comes up, though, when the boundaries of Part 107 run up against what the customer wants. What if your paying client wants you to fly an operation that doesn’t fit with what Part 107 allows? What if you need to fly at night? What if you need to be in airspace where the restrictions are greater? What do you do then?

The answer is found in WAIVERS. The FAA’s online waiver application is relatively straightforward. But what should you request? How should you word it? How can you “stack” waiver requests to give your business maximum flexibility?

We get into that and more with drone attorney Jonathan Rupprecht. Jonathan has been a guest on the podcast before, and he constantly shares great information with the drone community.

Join us as we talk Part 107 waivers, what to do when you crash your drone, ongoing litigation against the FAA, and where this all goes from here.

Links for you:

Rupprecht Law Website

FAA Waiver Portal

“Government Drones” Talk with James Mackler and Justin Robinson

Our prior interview with Jonathan


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