IP Law and You, with Marty Sipple and Bill Hollimon!

Logo 600 x 600The commercial drone industry is a high-tech, exponential market. New players are entering the game every day. The business potential is nearly limitless – it’s a frontier open to whomever stakes their claim.

In an industry like this, intellectual property may be the most valuable thing a business has. “IP” law is critical whether you are designing a better airframe, creating a drone software “app,” or building up a brand that your customers can trust.

When we say “IP” law, what do we mean? Generally, we are talking about patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. These terms refer to property rights that have value, and that you must defend in order to keep!

What is a patent? What is a copyright? What is a trademark? What is a trade secret? When are these rights important? How do you get them? How might you lose them?

That’s what we are talking about today with attorneys Marty Sipple and Bill Hollimon.

Marty Sipple is a veteran “IP Law” litigator at my firm, Ausley McMullen. Bill Hollimon is an experienced patent attorney at Hollimon, PA. Marty and Bill join the podcast to discuss IP law issues that are critical to the success of you and your business.

Listen in for their take on why IP Law matters and how to protect your rights.

Links for you:

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Contact information for Bill Hollimon


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Nothing in this podcast is legal advice! Please don’t make legal decisions for yourself or your business before consulting counsel of your choice.

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