Drones & A.I.: Flying Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and the Law!

Logo 600 x 600Welcome back, Drone Law Nation! Today we look at an issue that sound “sci-fi,” but is all too real: Drones and Artificial Intelligence.

What happens when robotic “brains” are as good as ours? Can a robot be “conscious?” If a drone you own (and operate) is making decisions on its own, and those decisions end up hurting a person or their property, are you to blame? Or is the drone? How will the courts handle these things? How can we even begin to think about these things?

This subject was brought to mind by a number of things. This podcast is an attempt to frame these issues in a way that gives you some “mental models” for working through these difficult concepts. The concepts aren’t difficult because they are hard to understand. They are difficult because no one has had to actually deal with them before. The answers are not obvious. There may not be a “right way” to handle these things.

But that’s the point of having the conversation, isn’t it?

Listen in for the latest!

Links for you:

Newsweek’s “Drones and AI” Article

Bilal Zuberi’s Twitter

Peter Diamandis: Disrupting Energy Blog Post

Peter Diamandis’ Podcast: Exponential Wisdom

Sam Harris Podcast: The Light of the Mind

Isaac Asimov

Future of Life Institute: Open Letter (lists signatories)

Future of Life Institute: Research Priorities Paper

Matt Scherer: A.I. Rights


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