Government Drones! Public UAS and Drone Litigation with James Mackler & Justin Robinson

Logo 600 x 600Welcome back, Drone Law Nation! Today we have a special two-part interview with James Mackler of the Frost Brown Todd law firm in Nashville, Tennessee, and Justin Robinson, a UAS consultant in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The center of the interviews is government use of drone technology – what it takes for governments to get “up and flying” with their drone programs. With the FAA’s announcement of the Part 107 drone regulations, many more government entities than ever are considering drone programs. What should these governments consider when they put their programs together? Should they go through the Public COA process, or fly under Part 107? Or should they do both? Our talk gets to the bottom of these issues.

We also talk with James about his work on the landmark Boggs case that is grappling with huge questions about drones as “aircraft,” the scope of private property in air rights, and a whole lot more.

You can contact James Mackler at the Frost Brown Todd website, or on Twitter at @VeteranAttorney, @Drone_Attorney, or @Part107FAR. You can contact Justin at

(And check out the FREE Drone Law Course at!)

Bonus: For my take on the newly announced Part 107 sUAS rules, here is the video that addresses that directly.

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