Diana Marina Cooper of PrecisionHawk!

Logo 600 x 600Welcome back, Drone Law Nation! Our guest today is Diana Marina Cooper of PrecisionHawk! Diana is the Senior Director of Legal and Policy Affairs at PrecisionHawk. Prior to joining PrecisionHawk, Diana developed and led the UAS and Robotics Practice Group at LaBarge Weinstein – the first practice of its kind at a national Canadian law firm.

Diana has presented on technology law issues at Stanford, Columbia, New York University, and NASA. She is a legal contributor at Robohub and her articles have appeared in numerous publications. Diana is a leading expert in Canadian and U.S. Drone Law, and we are glad to have her on to share her perspective.

Tune in for the latest on Diana’s perspective on U.S. Drone law, how the U.S. compares to Canadian drone regulations, and how a leading drone company like PrecisionHawk navigates the legal landscape. You can learn more about Diana and her practice at www.precisionhawk.com her personal blog at www.dianamarinacooper.com. Follow her on Twitter for the latest at @Diana_M_Cooper.

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Nothing in this podcast is legal advice! Please don’t make legal decisions for yourself or your business before consulting counsel of your choice.

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