Uniting Communities with Aerial Tallahassee!

Logo 600 x 600Welcome back, Drone Law Nation! Our guest today is Alex Workman, who with his wife Chelsea Workman are the dynamic duo behind Aerial Tallahassee. The Workmans moved to Tallahassee in 2014 after living the “big city” life in Atlanta. They started using drone photography to explore their new home, and in a short while their photography has captured the imagination of the community.

Alex discusses how Aerial Tallahassee has established relationships with local and state government officials, the FAA, and Air Traffic Control personnel to promote responsible, safe use of drone technology. They even taught the Mayor how to fly a drone!

The mission of Aerial Tallahassee is to unite the community by showing us all things that we knew were there, but took for granted. Seeing your community from a new perspective is transformative – and you can make that transformation happen where you live, Drone Law Nation!

Two phrases came out of our conversation: First, that we must Honor And Respect the Sky. Second, What is the Wisest Thing to Do? If these ideas become the motto for the drone industry, we will end up building a better world, together.

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