Lucas Armeña – Saving Lives with Drone Law

Logo 600 x 600Welcome back, Drone Law Nation! Our guest today is Lucas Armeña, of Airlas, LLC. Lucas joined the drone community in 2013 as a graduate researcher of the emergency management and business continuity program of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). He carved out a special topical area on emerging drone policy issues and legislation and achieved the first flights of public UAS in the state’s NAS as the site administrative operations officer.

In 2015, along with two other members of NJIT’s UAS Working group, Lucas co-founded Airlas LLC which advises a growing clientele of public and private agencies as they stand up drone operations. The trio of New Jersey natives ─ providing close to sixty combined years of emergency service ─ were first responders during the events of September 11, 2001.

Lucas focuses his efforts on drone policy, regulation, and intergovernmental affairs. Some of his other efforts include education of State, county, and local governing bodies along the eastern seaboard as they consider new proposals. Over the past two decades, Lucas has worked either at a desk or out “in the field” with experiences in legal, medical, business, and emergency careers.

Our talk touches on drones in humanitarian efforts, airspace and “airwaves,” and the future of the drone industry. You can find Lucas on Twitter at @LAA007, follow his “UAS Fast Read” posts on LinkedIn Pulse, or reach him by phone at Airlas at 302-UAS-7-FLY.

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