Episode 12: Read Before Flight! A talk with Nicholas Damron

Welcome to the Drone Law Today Podcast! In this episode, we speak to Nicholas Damron, author of Read Before Flight. Nicholas’ book is one of the only resources out there with practical, step-by-step explanations of how to fly your drone safely in the National Airspace System. Nicholas speaks from experience, as he is an Army Qualified Instructor Operator for Unmanned Aircraft Systems. He has over eight years of flight training and operational experience, having flown UAS as an active duty and National Guard soldier, defense contractor, and as a private enthusiast. You can reach Nicholas on Twitter at @Unmanned_Adv and by email at nicholas.damron@gmail.com.

Our talk with Nicholas covers a lot of ground, including why you NEED a standard operation procedure, how good records will help position your drone services company (and you individually) for business success, and where the drone industry is going.

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Nothing in this podcast is legal advice! Please don’t make legal decisions for yourself or your business before consulting counsel of your choice.

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